Why Is Network Monitoring Important For Your Business?

//Why Is Network Monitoring Important For Your Business?

Why Is Network Monitoring Important For Your Business?

Implementing network monitoring for organization is not something new for large enterprise networks; but for small to medium sized businesses a comprehensive monitoring solution is often not inside their limited budgets. Network monitoring involves a system that keeps track of the status of the various elements within a network; this can be something as simple as using ICMP (ping) traffic to verify that a device is responsive. However, the more comprehensive options offer a much deeper perspective on the network. The whole purpose of it is to monitor your computer network’s usage and performance, and check for slow or failing systems. The system will then notify the network administrator of any performance issues or outages with some kind of an alarm or an email. This system will save a lot of money and reduce many problems. It is the best possible way to ensure that your business is operating properly. Now Let’s see the advantages of having our networks monitored.


One of the most important parts of network monitoring is keeping your information secure. It will keep track of everything and alert your network administrator of any issues before they become real big problems. A few of the things that a network monitor can tell you is if something stops responding, your sever fails, or your disk space is running low. Network monitoring is perhaps the most proactive way to deal with problems so that you can stay ahead of them, especially since you will be monitored 24/7.


Another great advantage of network monitoring is its troubleshooting abilities. You can save a lot of time trying to diagnose what is wrong. With network monitoring you can quickly tell which device it is that’s giving you the problem. Your support team will be able to pick up on a problem and fix it before users are even aware of it. Because your monitoring is constant, it can help you to track certain trends in the performance of your network. When problems occur sporadically or at peak times they can be hard to diagnose, but a network monitor will help you better understand what is going on.

Track User Activity:

Along similar lines to keeping track of overall productivity in the offices portion of your company (whatever percentage that might be) is user activity tracking. If your business or certain departments handle sensitive data, it’s important to track which user connected to secure information, from what device, and maintain an adequate level of safety while secured documents are in use. With network monitoring, you can precisely track who comes and goes through any segment of your business servers and services. Network monitoring pattern recognition can also identify when a single user breaks their own pattern of access and tries to gain access to secure documents during an unexpected time. This can easily result in a message sent to an admin. In addition, network monitoring can also be used to detect unauthorized or unknown users when they enter the system and try to access secured files.

Balancing Load for Data and Websites:

Of course, availability monitoring isn’t the only thing that network monitoring can do for your website. In fact, when a website fails this is often the result of an overloaded hosting server. The solution to this is to have more than one hosting server available and balance the demands of the website between them. This is known as load balancing and can direct the needs of one website visitor to one server while it directs the needs of another website visitor to a separate website and this technique can also be used for calculations and data processing.When a server is getting overloaded, it will have a few easily recognizable symptoms. Physical severs will heat up and all servers will show signs of resource over-usage like maxed-out CPU or RAM. When a hosting server starts to get anywhere near this overloaded and at risk of failing, network monitoring will trigger the load-balancing protocol to ensure the stress and demands are spread evenly.

Save Time and Money:

Network monitoring will save you both lots of time and lots of money. Without it, a lot of time would have to be spent investigating, which would result in more hours having to be worked. This will not only cost more money but it will lower productivity. When you can quickly point out and fix network issues you are increasing your profits. When everything is running smoother, this gives you more time to run your business. When you understand how all of your devices are being used, you are able to identify what needs additional disk space so you can increase the capacity quickly and effectively.
Detect Lurking Malware:
When malware slips onto your computer from some online or email avenue, it often needs a place to hide while it downloads the rest of itself, installs, and forms an action plan on your data. Some programs and even directed hacks will lurk in your system trying to disguise their activities as the usual sort of data comings and goings that occur in a normal business day. However, network monitoring knows the difference.Lurking malware and hackers will often hide during peak activity hours and only come out to use computer resources at night. They may also systematically look through accessible data for anything worth stealing, a search pattern that is easily identifiable. If network monitoring software detects a strong sign that something installed is malicious, an admin can be notified with a complete report of the events so far, the salient details, and a few recommended actions.

Plan for Change:

With network monitoring, you can track if a device is running near its limit and needs to be changed. It gives you the ability to plan ahead and easily make any necessary changes. All of the reports that you will have showing your activity and what type of health your system is in will come in handy as great tools for your business. They will allow you to easily prove to others what is happening and show why one of your devices needs to be fixed or replaced.

We at Mintex Network always strive to maintain a healthy and a long lasting customer relationships and provide proactive support to over 250 local and global businesses in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia region to offer business owners complete peace of mind when it comes to any IT or Network monitoring issues, so you focus on business and we focus on your IT networks. Investing a few dollars now can save money or even your entire business!

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