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Mintex managed IT framework is the aggregate of several key complicated sports seamlessly appearing as one unmarried outsourced function to provide a proactive technique to handling your commercial enterprise technology necessities.

This trend is developing due to the fact organizations can reap many rewards. First off, an controlled ITservice can power value savings. Most providers will invoice an in advance rate and then an ongoing flat monthly charge, which offers enterprise owners with a predictable monthly price. Outsourcing managed offerings also permits commercial enterprise proprietors to lessen the fee of dedicated employees operating in-house in addition to the era, gear, and other resources needed to handle the responsibilities.

Mintex managed IT carrier will also have the revel in, know-how, and know-how within the services being supplied so as to permit for greater accuracy and reduced dangers and liabilities, especially because compliance with authorities guidelines and enterprise requirements can be assured.

Mintex controlled IT provider have the quality-in-elegance gear, technology, and sources had to beautify efficiencies with the aid of streamlining tactics and processes. This will additionally permit for greater visibility and extra insight, which in turn will result in higher decision making primarily based on real-time information and analyses.

Rewards by Mintex Manged IT Service

An Extension of Your Team

We provide dedicated assist even for small and mid-sized organizations, due to the fact we accept as true with your aid crew should in reality feel like part of your crew.

The Support You Need with the SLA to Back It Up

We’re available 24/7/365 for when you need to talk to somebody and back our commitment with aggressive response time SLA guarantees.

Multiplatform Expertise

Mintex technicians are certified with leading infrastructure technology platforms due to the fact we recognise there’s now not single environment perfectly suited for all packages and applications.


We offer complete transparency into our operations—whether or not you’re a patron or now not—because trust is something we understand we ought to usually earn (and we  prefer it that way).