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Project Management New York

Are you looking for Project Management experts in New York to take the development and management of your IT department to the next level? Today, enterprise wide IT projects have become the way of working in organizations. These projects bring in substantial benefits but if not managed properly, it can impact your business performance negatively. At Mintex Networks, we provide superior IT Project Management Services that will save you time and cost.

With high quality skills and experience, we help you effectively manage the project portfolio of your organization, enhance the project performance, and work with you on the successful completion of the project.

Stay ahead of your competition by employing the experts at Mintex Networks, who have the knowledge of every technical detail and recent updates in the industry.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction – Get your project done on time and within budget. That makes for a happy client who will always come for more.

Improved Growth and Development – Professional and experienced project management will provide you with positive results. Successful projects means growth and development of your organization.


Finding a local Project Management provider for your New York business

At Mintex Networks, our technicians and project managers understand the importance of technology within a business. Our project managers will work with you from the pre-planning stage, coordinate the working process to implement your idea to the completion of project. And every step in between the whole process to meet your IT specific goals. A project manager have a deep understanding of miniscule technical details and will also help in estimating the success of the project.

The type of project management cases that we have overseen are:

– Deploy & Configure Network

– Designing infrastructure

– Deploying Active Directory

– Software development

– Evaluate & implement security measures

– Needs assessment

– Monitoring

– PC Refresh & Imaging


Project management goes beyond just one project. Our team of experts in Mintex Networks will work with you in evaluating, prioritizing, preparing and implementing any potential projects. The professional services offered by us are:

-Initiation of the project that starts with the estimation of time needed for project implementation to keep the project not only on time but also within budget. It follows with the initiation of the idea and determining the requirements and resources for the project. Also, a detailed development strategy will be provided to track and manage the work in process.

-Developing and maintaining the technical and project documentation for the detailed planning and design of project. It also involves performing the team assessment and evaluation.

-Project execution involves assigning individual responsibilities within the team and putting the plan into action.

-The monitoring and control is the first phase of project closure where day-to-day operational aspects are managed and control scope is done. We use a secure and transparent project management system that will report you about the daily progress.

-The closure of the project involves performance and process review. Leading the analysis and scheduling of the project, supporting the released product, proactively preventing and solving the project issues.

Are you ready to get your complex IT projects managed by the Pros for improved delivery, consistency, quality and reduced cost? Call us today for a free consultation!