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Is Your Company Experiencing an IT Issue?

Partnering with the right IT services company is an Important decision. Many companies claim to be experts, but few can back it up with the resources and a deep bench of engineering expertise required to provide true enterprise-level services to the SMB market.

Mintex Networks is an award-winning, managed services and support company and our team is standing by to help you with your most difficult technology problems. If you are having an emergency issue. don’t hesitate to contact us. 24×7.

Why Mintex Networks:

  • NY-based Mintex Networks supports local New York and New Jersey companies

  • Our 24×7 Help Desk support are certified, level 1-3 engineers

  • Expert Security Management includes anti-virus and firewall activity as well as backup monitoring to ensure your systems are protected

  • Hardware and software partner relationships include Dell®, EMC® Cisco®, VM ware Microsoft® IBM® and Zebra®

  • Full Stack Microsoft® and IBM expertise — Installation, customization, integration and support

  • Fully secure and compliant data center