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Advanced Technology & Threat Intelligence Network Protection

Mintex controlled security offerings is outsourced monitoring and management of your security structures and devices. Mintex managed protection offerings can manage your protection Incident and occasion control (SIEM) tool, Intrusion Detection structures/Intrusion Prevention structures, firewalls, anti-virus, vulnerability and compliance management, and extra. Mintex facilitates your organization relaxed your IT surroundings by continuously tracking and coping with your community, systems, and data.

Information security offerings span your community, endpoints, vulnerability control, tracking and evaluation. We enlarge your protection operations to bridge human beings, procedures and technology for 24×7 help.

  • Detection, monitoring, investigation and management of threats (security events generated, parsed, triggered, or observed from your managed technologies)

  • Monitoring and alerting of the system health of all managed technologies

  • Technology support including updates/upgrades, and software optimization

  • Technology specific services such as Firewall rule changes, tuning, and repair support

  • Dedicated technical expertise for device management requests such as moves/adds/changes, additional investigations, and service tuning

  • Threat Advisory research communications

  • Regular operational reporting through the HG Portal, visualized dashboards, and automated monthly reports

Security Management

Elite cyber risk intelligence combined with protection information protects devices and facts and affords non-stop security monitoring and operational administration of controlled devices to shield investments and meet compliance policies.

Advanced Threat Services

Save you the threats you can and leverage elite cyber risk intelligence and global visibility to discover and respond to the threats you can’t prevent.

Security Monitoring

Promises 24×7 real-time tracking, correlation and expert evaluation of your surroundings, using our Counter hazard Platform to eliminate fake positives and stumble on valid threats.