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Secure workloads across hybrid clouds including Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services(AWS) offers comfort and price savings. However, you still want to follow protection, privateness and compliance policies, in addition to pleasant practices, for defensive records. Further, you need fast records mobility across all clouds you presently use and people for your future, a need which may be compromised with cloud-dealer-unique encryption answers.

In addition, you want fast statistics mobility throughout all clouds you currently use and people in your destiny, a need which may be compromised with cloud-vendor-particular encryption answers.

Advanced encryption solutions with comprehensive key management

  • Powerful, secure cloud use entails an increasing number of decisive moments, consisting of whilst you keep in mind the usage of touchy records in any cloud. You could depend upon Thales to comfy your virtual transformation. Thales superior encryption and centralized key control answers give you safety and manipulate of records saved to your premises, Amazon internet services, and other cloud vendors. Thales era allows you to:

  • Keep away from cloud vendor encryption lock-in and make certain the records mobility you want whilst you effectively and securely spread workloads and statistics across multiple cloud providers, which include Amazon web offerings, with centralized, independent encryption management

      Take secure advantage of Amazon Key manipulate offerings (AWS KMS) with a centralized key control answer that spans a couple of clouds
  • Become aware of assaults faster with data get admission to logging to industry leading SIEM programs

  • Reduce or dispose of risks springing up from compromised credentials with superior encryption along with privileged person get admission to controls

Architect applications for the cloud with built-in safety using vaultless tokenization with dynamic records overlaying

Bring Your Own Advanced Encryption to Amazon Web Services

If you’re 100% Amazon Web Services-based with stringent data security controls, Or in case you’re going for walks hybrid clouds with facts disbursed throughout your on-premises private cloud, multiple cloud companies, and on AWS, you want a sophisticated facts encryption solution.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Protects your documents and databases on your premises and throughout a couple of clouds consisting of AWS, with none changes to applications, databases, infrastructure or business practices.

Accelerated PCI-DSS Compliance

Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking Secures and anonymize sensitive belongings for simplified PCI-DSS compliance. And it’s clean to feature policy-based dynamic information overlaying to packages. The Vormetric Tokenization Server is available as an AWS AMI.

AWS Encryption Key Management

Organizations that can’t deliver their own encryption can nonetheless comply with enterprise quality practices by using handling keys externally the usage of the CipherTrust Cloud Key supervisor, which leverages cloud issuer carry Your personal Key API’s to lessen both key management complexity and decrease operational charges.

Centralized, secure key management

The Vormetric Data Security Manager centralizes key, policy and log management for Vormetric obvious Encryption, to be had as a FIPS 140-2 level 2 or three equipment or a FIPS 140-2 level 1 AMI for AWS.